🎾Get ready for Overtime

Have you given up on trying to find something really fun to do with DeFi? Well the game's not over yet thanks to Overtime Sports Markets! Overtime is a positional market for popular sporting events that operates without relying on a centralized entity like most sports markets. With Thales contracts used as inspiration for the Sports AMM and Parlay AMM, as well as reliable data feeds from the industry best oracle Chainlink, Overtime promises the most fun you'll have with DeFi.

The Sports AMM is one of the most anticipated products built on Thales, as it allows users to purchase positions for their favorite sports teams through the highs and lows of an entire season. With sports such as soccer, football, basketball, UFC, Tennis and eSports as well as many more on offer, you can finally support your favorite team or athlete entirely on the blockchain!

Traders can experience all the fun of sports markets with no KYC, no one taking custody of your funds, and no user registration. No one can be excluded or stopped from using Overtime.

This is the first product available to the public that can boast decentralization, instant liquidity and very competitive odds, all in one place. Overtime is bringing the game to the blockchain!


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