🏐Market Creation

There's always a game happening somewhere. And the best games are available on Overtime. If a competition from one of our supported leagues is available to a Chainlink endpoint, then we'll offer a market for it. Thanks to Pinnacle Sportsbook and Chainlink, Overtime features games from a growing number of major sports leagues.

Available Leagues

Overtime currently offers markets for the following leagues:

  • NCAA Men's Football (American Collegiate Football)

  • NFL National Football League (American Football)

  • MLB Major League Baseball

  • NBA National Basketball Association

  • WNBA Women's National Basketball Association

  • NCAA Men's Basketball (American Collegiate Basketball)

  • EuroLeague Basketball

  • NHL National Hockey League

  • MLS Major League Soccer (Football/Soccer)

  • EPL English Premier League (Football/Soccer)

  • Ligue 1 (French Football/Soccer)

  • Bundesliga (German Football/Soccer)

  • La Liga (Spanish Football/Soccer)

  • Serie A (Italian Football/Soccer)

  • Eredivisie (Dutch Football/Soccer)

  • Liga Portugal (Portuguese Football/Soccer)

  • Japanese J1 League (Japanese Football/Soccer)

  • UEFA Champions League (European Football/Soccer)

  • UEFA Europa League (European Football/Soccer)

  • Copa Libertadores (South American Football/Soccer)

  • UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship (Combat Sport)

  • ATP Tennis (Tennis)

  • CSGO (eSports)

  • DOTA 2 (eSports)

  • Boxing (Combat Sport)

  • Moto GP (Racing)

  • Indian Premier League (Cricket)

  • T20 Test Matches (Cricket)

  • PGA Tour (Golf)

  • Serie A (Brazilian Football/Soccer)

  • Saudi Pro League (Saudi Arabian Football/Soccer)

  • BMW Championship (Golf)

Positional Markets

Each league's data feed is retrieved daily (when in season) to create positional markets with either two available positions per team (WIN, LOSS) or three (WIN, LOSS, DRAW) when applicable. For example, a Basketball game must end with a single winner, while football/soccer matches can end in a draw. Once an active market is eligible for trading, the AMM will use the odds from Pinnacle along with market data such as skew to price the positions and make them available to traders.

Market creation starts each day by fetching games for each supported league from the Chainlink sports data end-point. The system fetches game data and creates, resolves, and pulls odds which are then stored on-chain. The system then updates the price per position and resolves markets automatically.

AMM Liquidity

AMM markets are funded with an initial 5000 USD distributed in equal parts to each available position. The AMM will only support markets with oracle provided odds that are above 0.05 and below 0.95 to protect the AMM from excessive risk exposure.

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