Which network hosts Overtime protocol? Thales protocol is currently operating Overtime on the Optimism
and Arbitrum
Layer 2 Networks.
Is Overtime centralized in any way? Does the protocol control my funds? No, Overtime it fully decentralized and controlled by Thales' immutable smart contracts that have facilitated millions in volume for Thales markets. There is never a central entity that controls user's funds.
Which forms of collateral does Overtime support? Overtime supports the following stablecoins on Optimism:
And supports USDC
on Arbitrum
What languages are supported?
Overtime provides access to sports markets in the following languages:
What leagues are supported? Overtime provides markets for the following leagues:
NCAA Men's Football (American Football), NFL (American Football), MLB (Baseball), NBA (Men's Basketball), NCAA Men's Basketball, NHL (Hockey), WNBA (Women's Basketball), UEFA Champions League (European Football/Soccer), MLS (American Football/Soccer), EPL (English Football/Soccer), Ligue 1 (French Football/Soccer), Bundesliga (German Football/Soccer), La Liga (Spanish Football/Soccer), Serie A (Italian Football/Soccer), Copa Libertadores (South American Football/Soccer), Eredivisie (Dutch Football/Soccer), Liga Portugal (Portuguese Football/Soccer), ATP Tennis (Association of Tennis Professionals), CSGO (eSports), Indian Premier League (Cricket) and EuroLeague (European Basketball), UFC (combat sport), Formula 1 (Racing) and Boxing with more sports and leagues on the way.
Where does Overtime get the data feeds for markets? Overtime leverages Chainlink data feeds for odds provided by Pinnacle Sports and EnetPulse. Chainlink is the industry leading oracle, reliably bringing real world data to the blockchain. Pinnacle is a widely respected sportsbooks that facilitates markets in over 100 countries. EnetPulse has provided API data feeds to over 200 international entities for the last 2 decades. See the Market Creation page for more info on this process.
How are the odds for each market calculated? Oddsmakers and consultants for Sport Books like Pinnacle utilizes sophisticated algorithms in tandem with statistics such as rankings and win totals to arrive at odds for each event. Chainlink oracles transfer these odds to the blockchain.
How often do odds update? Odds are updated per % changed every minute. Market are paused in the event of Oracle failure or huge odds changes.
What is skew? Skew is a mechanism used by the AMM to incentivize traders to go against the majority of the market. This lowers the AMM's exposure to risk and is done by applying a small additional fee when a trader buys the more popular position.
What is a safebox fee? Thales utilizes a safebox contract to hold sUSD which will be applied in the event that the AMM takes heavy losses. Each trade is subject to a 2% safebox fee. Once a certain amount of sUSD is collected, the Thales Council is tasked with using the funds to benefit stakers and the protocol.
How is Overtime governed? Overtime relies on the governance structure used to guide the Thales protocol. The Thales DAO and the Thales Council control key aspects of the protocol. See the Governance Page for more info.