🏗️Overtime’s Smart Contract Architecture

Overtime offers Sport Markets for your favorite leagues and competitions in a totally transparent and non-custodial manner, making it stand out from the world of centralized sports books.

This is all made possible thanks to the smart contracts developed by Thales Protocol. Thales developed a process to provide on-chain liquidity and automated market making solutions for binary and ternary exclusive outcomes, all while achieving an unprecedented level of capital efficiency with minimal risk of toxic flow. The only requirements needed for this novel smart contract architecture to operate successfully include on-chain data for pre-event probability of outcomes and post-event results.

One key product market fit for this smart contract architecture is on-chain Sports Markets. Overtime fills this gap with the help of Chainlink's infrastructure. Chainlink is able to provide robust on-chain data for sports markets using the implied probability of various pre-game outcomes matched up with post-game results. Overtime uses Thales' smart contract architecture which consumes Chainlink's reliable data feeds to provide anyone with a globally accessible, permissionless and trustworthy solution to Sport Market positioning.

The smart contracts that power Overtime Sport Markets work together to provide a seamless experience that is easily verifiable and trustworthy. You can learn more about the smart contracts used by Overtime to understand how we've structured our Sports Markets architecture.

The following pages will go into more detail for each of the key smart contracts:

You can also view links to each smart contract directly, for both Optimism and Arbitrum networks, from this page.

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