Sports Vaults

Do you find that researching teams, analyzing data and trusting your gut is just not your thing? The excitement of sport markets can take it's toll, so users that want to outsource their trades finally have an option to smooth out the experience: Sports Vaults! Overtime now offers managed trading via Sport Vaults, where trader's can select different strategies to take part in by depositing collateral.
Sports Vaults are totally permissionless and can only make trades that meet the criteria of the vault's strategy. Anyone can deposit funds and go along for the ride!
Sports Vaults can be found in the menu or at this direct link: overtimemarkets.xyz/#/vaults. Vaults are available on :optimism: on Optimism and On Arbitrum.
Depositors can choose from different strategies using detailed descriptions of parameters such as utilization rate and maximum risk. Strategies vary from targeting positions with odds above or below a certain threshold, or by with positions available at a certain discount. More strategies to come!
Current Vault Strategies:
  • Discount Vault- Buys positions that have more than 50% odds and are available at a discount larger than 3%
  • Degen Discount Vault- Buys positions at any odds that are available for more than a 4% discount
  • Safu Discount Vault- Buys positions that have more than 75% odds and are available at any discount
  • Upsettoor Vault- Buys positions that have less than 50% odds and are available at a discount larger than 2%
  • Parlay Vault- Buys parlay tickets where each individual position in the ticket has at least a 1% discount
Each vault will operate in rounds so profit and lose can be calculated and used to compare strategies. Traders can deposit into the upcoming round and once they are allocated their collateral will perform according to the vault's trades. Withdrawals can be requested and completed at the end of a round, with allocated deposits not requested to be withdrawn included in the next round.
Select a vault to view the specifics of that strategy and deposit USD to participate. Vaults are defined by the following variables:
  • Utilization rate: The percentage of the vault's total deposits that will be spent on positions at any given time.
  • Price lower limit and upper limit: The minimum and maximum price a vault will pay for a position.
  • Max Skew impact: The highest skew that a vault will accept when buying a position.
  • Max allocation on a single market: The most a vault will spend on positions in a single market.
  • Max total deposit
  • Max users in the vault
  • Minimum amount on a single trade
  • Minimum deposit
You can view your vault deposits from your Profile page under the Vaults/LPs tab.

Sports Vault Guidelines

  • Trades can only be made if they meet the criteria of the vault and if there are enough unutilized funds available in the vault.
  • Trades can only be made on markets that mature prior to the end of the round so that the vault's Profit and Loss can be calculated for each round.
  • Vaults will be capped initially, with increases subject to community governance.
  • Each vault will accept deposits for the next round until the current round ends or the cap for next round has been reached. Neither deposits or withdrawal requests can be executed until the end of the current round.
  • No vault will spent more than like 3% of round allocation on a single market.
  • Volume generated by vault deposits will be credited towards your wallet's gamified incentives.

Depositing into a Vault

To participate in a vault, simply select a vault strategy and deposit your collateral. Because vaults operate in rounds your deposit will enter the vault at the start of the next round.
You'll see the time left for the current round at the top of the vault's page, followed by Total Round Deposits, the amount of that total that has been spent on trading so far, and the amount that is still available to purchase positions. You'll also see how many users are currently in the vault and how full the vault is above the button to submit the transaction.
Click on the DEPOSIT toggle and enter the amount of collateral you'd like to deposit. Complete the transactions to approve the collateral and make the deposit and you're ready to enter the next round.
Once you've made a deposit that will be entered in the next round you'll see that amount to be allocated.

Withdrawing from a Vault

The process of withdrawing is similar to depositing, but you can only withdraw your entire deposit at once. Withdrawals must be requested and can be retrieved once the current round ends.
Pending allocations can not be withdrawn until the end of the next round when they are entered in the vault.
Since my allocation is slotted for the next round, I can't withdraw until that round begins
Once you have collateral in the current round you can request withdrawal to claim at the end of that round. To request withdrawal, click on the WITHDRAW toggle. You'll see the amount you have available to withdraw below.
Once the current round has ended your deposit will be automatically sent to your wallet.