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Overtime is taking another swing at web2 sportsbooks with the introduction of Player Props! This popular legacy sportsbook product provides trader’s with the opportunity to buy positions tied to the performance of individual athletes.

Now that Overtime’s odds providers are ready to transmit data for individual players to the blockchain, you can get into the game on a whole new level and really call the shots. Props are the logical next step as Overtime becomes the one-stop shop for all your on-chain sports market needs! You can read more about Props, along with details on technical implementation in TIP-162.

What is a Player Prop?

A Player Prop is a specific proposition that an individual player will achieve a certain statistic during a game. Think “Will Patrick Mahomes throw more than 2 touchdown passes in the game against the Buffalo Bills”. You typically have the option to select either OVER or UNDER.

Example: If you purchase an OVER position and Patrick Mahomes does throw 2 or more touchdown passes in the game, then you would win. Anything less than 2 touchdown passes would be a loss.

The odds that inform the prices for a Props position can change as the game approaches. Factors such as weather conditions, injuries or other updates can affect a player's chances to reach a certain statistical milestone.

How do Props on Overtime work?

Just like other positions on Overtime, Traders purchase Player Prop positions directly from the AMM. They'll receive ERC-20 tokens specific to that Prop market which can be exchanged for USD if their position is a winner. Otherwise, those ERC-20 tokens are worthless. These results are 100% verifiable and trustworthy as they are always posted to the blockchain.

Player Props function in a similar way to other markets on Overtime that are based on a points spread. Props markets will be created around a line, which defines a specific amount of a specific statistic. In the same way that OVER/UNDER markets are tied to total points, each prop market will include a single statistic (think "rushing yards") with positions of either be OVER or UNDER this line. The line used by Overtime's odds data providers is always close to 50:50, providing a winning trader will an approximate 2x return.

Multiple Props markets for different statistics can be included in a single game and will display the position and then one player from each team for that position, followed by the price for OVER or UNDER positions.

You can find Player Prop markets by clicking on the arrow to expand all positions available for a game. Once you find the game, statistic, and player you want, simply select either "O" for OVER or "U" for UNDER to add that position to your ticket. You can purchase single prop positions, or include them in a Parlay (only one position, whether for Winner, Handicap, Total Points or Player Props per game can be included in a single Parlay ticket).

The following statistics will be included (with more on the way):

🏈 NFL Props Markets:

  • Quarterback passing yards: How many passing yards will this player record?

  • Quarterback passing touchdowns: How many passing touchdowns will this player record?

  • Player rushing yards: How many rushing yards will this player record?

  • Player receiving yards: How many receiving yards will this player record?

  • Field Goals: How many successful fields goals will this player kick?

  • Player Touchdowns: Who will score a touchdown in the game? Which player will score at least one touchdown?

⚾ MLB Props Markets:

  • Pitcher strikeouts: How many strikeouts will be recorded?

  • Pitcher hits allowed: How many hits will a pitcher give up?

  • Batter hits: How many hits will be recorded?

🏀 NBA Props Markets:

  • Player points: How many points will this player score?

  • Player rebounds: How many rebounds will this player record?

  • Player assists: How many assists will the player record?

🏒 NHL Props Markets:

  • Player points: How many points will this player score?

  • Shots: How many shots will be recorded?

  • Player goals: Will this player score a goal?

Props Market Guidelines:

Player Props for NFL games extend into overtime if a game is tied at the end of regular time.

  • For example, If the line for QB Passing Touchdowns is 1.5 and Kyler Murray throws 1 TD pass during regular time (which ends in a tie, leading to overtime) and then 1 TD pass during overtime, the OVER position would win.

The designated line for each prop will change as the start time for the game moves closer.

  • For example, a market for Aaron Rodgers TD Passes at a line of 1.5 one week before the game could change to 2.5 on the day before the game. This could happen if a star Wide Receiver is able to come off the injured list earlier than expected, among several other reasons.

  • As lines change new markets will be created and the old one will be paused (and can be resumed if the line changes back).

The Future of Props on Overtime

Eventually, Overtime will offer Props markets for several different sports, leagues and statistics. For NBA players will have markets for points, assists, blocks, and steals. Soccer players will have markets for goals and assists. As new odds data is sourced, and new TIPs are submitted and voted in, these new markets will become available.

How to Trade Props Markets on Overtime

  1. Find the Market you want to trade- use the Search bar, or the Sports/Leagues filters to navigate to each market

  2. Once you've found the game you want to trade, use the down arrow to expose all available markets.

  3. Find the Prop and Player you want to trade, then select either either "O" for OVER or "U" for UNDER to add that position to your ticket.

  4. Select the type of collateral you want to use to purchase the position and enter the amount you want to buy.

  1. If you haven't already approved the expenditure, do so now and complete that transaction

  2. Click "Buy" to execute the transaction and exchange your collateral for ERC-20 tokens representing your Player Prop position

  3. Once the game is over, if you've won, return to Profile and claim your winnings just as you would for other markets.

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